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Fiberglass Mesh Fabric for Stucco and EIFS Wall Insulation System Reinforcement

A/R (alkaline resistant) coated fiberglass mesh is mainly used in reinforcing concretes and any alkaline base medium. It is waterproof membrane fabric with high tensile strength. Also known as EIFS mesh applied to exterior thermal insulation system, or stucco mesh in cement coat finishes. Vinyl coated fiber mesh tapes enable casts and mother molds to work with thin fabrics without sacrificing strength. Black silicone coated fiberglass mesh is also available. Fiberglass reinforcing mesh is used in tape form or cut to pieces as mesh wing fabrics attached to plastering corner beads.

EIFS Wall Insulation Mesh Tapes Water Proof for Concrete Wall Thermal Insulation and Finishes:

Fiberglass fabric for EIFS mesh is coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent and treated by high temperature heat finishing. It is ideal engineering material in construction and decoration of buildings. EIFS mesh tape can keep the heat and guarantee the insulation surface and flat finishes of wall.
Typical specifications include:
5*5 145g/m2 stucco EIFS mesh;
160g AR vinyl coated fiber mesh cloth.

Weaving Methods: Fberglass mesh includes plain weave fiberglass mesh and twill fiberglass mesh.
EIFS mesh is made from fiberglass woven mesh as its basic material, then treated by alkali-resistant macromolecule latex.

Features of AR Fiberglass Mesh Rolls or Tapes:
High alkali-resistance;
Good cohesion;
Good flexibility;
Tensile strength, etc.

Fiberglass Mesh for Stucco Netting

Glassfibre Chemical composition import ZrO2 14.5-16.7%;

Filament coated with alkali-resistant size;

Woven fabric any more coated with alkali-resistant waterproof high polymer material.

It can mostly resist the corrosion of high alkali substance of common portland cement.

Fiberglass mesh Unit Weight: 45g/m², 51g/m², 70g/m², 75g/m², 140g/m², 145g/m², 160g/m², 165g/m²
Mesh Hole size: 2.3 mm × 2.3 mm, 2.5 mm × 2.5 mm, 4 mm × 4 mm, 5 mm × 5 mm.
Mesh Roll Width: 600 to 2000mm
Fiberglass mesh Roll length: 50 meters to 300 meters
Packing: plastic foil on each roll, 30 rolls per carton, one carton per pallet or some rolls per carton.
Colors available: white (standard), blue, yellow, orange, black,green or according to requirements.

White Color 4X4mm 145g / m2 Fiberglass Stucco Mesh

120g 5*5mm Fiberglass Wall Plaster Mesh Pieces, for Angle Bead / Corner Bead Plastering Reinforcement

Fiber Mesh Tape for External Wall Insulation Finish System

Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh for external wall insulation 5*5 145g/m2 stucco EIFS wall insulation mesh

Vinyl Coated Alkali Resistance High Strength Fiberglass Reinforced Mesh Finishing Cloth

Fiberglass Reinforced Mesh for Construction Wall Base Coating

Features and Advantages of Using Fiberglass Stucco Mesh:

Light weight( 1/4 of the same steel reinforcement weight);
High tensile strength (approximately twice the load of the same steel reinforcement);
Corrosion resistance;
Non-conductive(will not produce sparks when cutting;
Non-combustible(high thermal insulation);
Easy cutting ( avoid damage the cutting head and available);
Easy to install and easy to maintain;
High durability.

 General Specifications of AR Fiber Mesh

   Main Specifications Mesh size
Yarn density
warp weft warp weft
1 4×4-75g/m2 4 4 48/2 200 75±3
2 4×4-90g/m2 4 4 67/2 200 90±3
3 4×4-145g/m2 4 4 134/2 240 145±5
4 4×4-160g/m2 4 4 134/2 300 160±5
5 4×5-110g/m2 4 5 100/2 360 110±5
6 4×5-125g/m2 4 5 100/2 280 125±5
7 4×5-145g/m2 4 5 134/2 300 145±5
8 4×5-160g/m2 4 5 134/2 360 160±5
9 5×5-90g/m2 5 5 67/2 240 90±3
10 5×5-125g/m2 5 5 100/2 340 125±5
11 5×5-145g/m2 5 5 134/2 360 145±5
12 5×5-160g/m2 5 5 134/2 430 160±5
13 10×10-90g/m2 10 10 200/2 300 90±3
14 10×10-110g/m2 10 10 250/2 450 110±5
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