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Thermal Insulation Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Yarn

Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Wire offers excellent thermal insulation property, used to weave vinyl coated AR fiberglass mesh.
Standard color: White, black, grey, etc.

Vinyl coated fiberglass yarn fall into a variety of colors including white, black, grey, coffee, etc.

Fiber diameters: Commonly 0.292mm (0.011inch) and 0.33mm(0.013inch)

Roll width of finished fiberglass mesh products: 24", 30", 34", 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 78", 84", 108"

Vinyl coated fiberglass yarn are special design form weaving fiberglass mesh for wall reinforcement.

Non-alkali Fiberglass Yarn:
67tex, for 5x5mm-80g/m2 fiberglass mesh,
100tex, for 5x5mm-100g/m2 fiberglass mesh.
134tex, for 5x5mm-145g/m2 fiberglass mesh.

Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Yarn

75 Tex Glass Fibre Yarn

E-glass yarn winded into Bobbins, with good thermal insulation, convenient for weaving mesh

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