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Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape for Drywall Joint Plastering

Fiberglass self-adhesive joint tape is made of fiber mesh strips with self-adhesive bonding designs. With excellent alkaline resistance and corrosion resistance, fiberglass tape is ideal for jointing plaster plates or mending drywall cracks. Used in building for wall plastering constructions, marble, mosaic and granite backing, ceramic files backing mesh and etc.

The fiber netting tapes and cut strips are used to make the wall plates piecing together and joining faster, adhesive better. No pasting or stapling is needed. In this way, the fiberglass tapes reinforces the wall constructions.

Choose Fiberglass Tape:
Fiber mesh is mainly used for following uses:
1. Wall reinforced material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panels etc)
2. Reinforced cement products.
3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.
4.Waterproof membrane fabric, asphalt roofing.
5. Framework material for reinforced plastics, rubber products,.
6. Fire board.
7. Grinding wheel base fabric.
8. Road surface with geogrid
9. Construction caulking tape etc.
Generally, we recommend according to weight ranges:
1. 75g / m2 or less: Used in the reinforcement of thin slurry
2.110g / m2 or about: Widely used in indoor and outdoor walls
3. 145g/m2 or about: Used in the wall and be mixed in various materials
4. 160g / m2 or about: Used in insulator layer of reinforcement in the mortar

Fiber mesh joint tape is not easily torn, shrunk and stretched.
Colors: white, blue, green and other colors.

Reno Weave Fiberglass Netting Fabric

8*8 60g/m2 fiberglass self adhesive mesh tape
Mesh Size: 2.85mm x 2.85mm(9 x 9 mesh/inch), 3.20mm x 3.20mm (8 x 8 mesh/inch), 3×3mm 4×4mm,4×5mm,5×5mm,10×10mm.
Weight: 60-300g/m2
Length/roll: 20m ,45m, 90m, 150m or according to customer' s special requirement.
Width:5cm, 8cm, 10cm…1.2m
Color: White or other colors(yellow, orange, green, grey, silver, blue)

Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Joint Tape

160g / m2 Fiber Mesh Tape Used in EIFS insulator layer for reinforcement in the mortar plastering

Mosaic Tile Bonding Back Mesh Tape


Water Proof Fiberglass Mesh for Granite, mosaic, marble backing mesh in decoration of building roofs and walls

Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Tapes for Wall Plastering and Reinforcing

We supply a variety of fiberglass tape styles and specifications for specific uses:
Drywall Fiberglass Mesh Tape
Fiberglass Adhesive Tape
Drywall Joint Tape
Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tapes
Reno Weave Glass Fiber Mesh Tape
65g Alkaline Resistant Fiberglass Insulation Tape
Reinforcement Fiberglass Mesh

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