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Fiberglass Plisse Mesh for Retractable Mosquito Netting Window Screen

Fiberglass plisse mesh is a new style of window screen and mosquito shielding nets. The pleated window screens are supplied in single or double panels.

Charcoal Black Pleated Mesh Mosquito Net against Insects and Flies:

Spring Retractable Fiberglass Mesh Window Screen

14*14 mesh Anti-Insect Fiberglass Pleated Mesh Screen, Fiberglass plus polyester materials

Charcoal Fiberglass Netting Plisse Window Mesh

Plain Weave Fiberglass Retractable Window Screen, Aluminum Framed, 18x16mesh, 120g gross weight, made of material of 33%fiberglass + 66%PVC +1% others

Fiberglass window Screen makes ideal material in industrial and agricultural buildings to keep away fly, mosquito, insects and small beasties or for the purpose of shading and ventilation.

Popular sizes:
18 x 13 mesh, 100g, fiberglass pvc coated, plain waving, 0.3m to 3.2m roll width
18x14mesh, 105 g
18x15mesh, 110g
18x16mesh, 120g
Mesh: 14*14, 14*16, 14*18, 16*16, 16*18, 18*18, 20*20

Features: Decorative, saving space and self-motion cleaning, good efficiency of anti- insect, good ventilation,easy to installation and use.
It is used in doors windows to keep insect, dust, floating small things out.

Fiberglass Window Screening Mesh Materials:

C or E glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) weaving fabric through a special weaving technique, then coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent and treated by high temperature heat finishing.



Fiberglass mosquito screening fabric offers the following features:
Well ventilate;
Well transparent;
Easy washing;
Resistance to burn;
Strong-tensile force;
Keep shaping;
Long service life.
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