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Fiberglass Mesh Europe-style Portiere Fly Screen Curtains

Europe-style Fiber Netting Portiere has compact edge or fitting design convenient for setting and installation. The fiberglass portiere mesh is woven by glassfiber yarn specially coated to achieve a flat and smooth surface. Suitable for high temperature and moist environment as curtains for doors and windows. Suitable tendency keeps strictness between every piece and keeps whole even.

Good PVC bracket have many colors to match the door and other materials. First choice for sunshine blocking, and keeping out bugs, insects and pets.

Fiberglass Net Used for European Market Portiere Fabrics:
Fiberglass Mesh Portiere Fabric

Fiberglass screen single or double panel plisse mesh, installed directly on the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows

Features and Benefits:
Long service life: excellent weather resistant performance, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-dry moisture resistant, flame retardant, anti-moisture, anti-static, light is good, not channeling wire, no distortion, anti-ultraviolet, Rally strength, long life and other advantages;
Handsome in appearance, well-structured;
Entire screens made of glass fiber filaments coated flat-woven yarns, and the rest of the material used in all PVC plastic pressed once completed, split assembly to solve the gap between the traditional screens and window frames too, closed lax problem, use up safe and beautiful and good sealing effect;
Corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire performance, do not need paint coloring.
Size: 14x14 inch, 16x16 inch, 18x16 inch.
Width: 0.6-2.7 meters.
Color: white, black, gray, gray (gray weft diameter white).
Weight: about 120 grams / square meter.


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