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Fiberglass Mesh & Insect Screen Weaving Looms

We supply fiber yarn processing machines and fiberglass mesh producing machines with constantly innovated designs. Our production lines can be used to produce fiberglass mesh, selvaged fiberglass insect screening fabrics, window screen, fiber glass safety net, wall protection reinforcing mesh, mosaic backing tapes with glass fiber mesh fabric.

The machine can produce 1m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m, 2.3 m, 2.4 m kinds of width specifications; mesh density is adjustable between 4 and 12 ; Compared with the traditional machine,this machine has the characteristic of high quality,high speed,low noise,low power,mesh accurate and good stability.A worker can operate 3-6 machines. A machine can produce two or more of the network products of different widths at the same time. After sales technical supports and on site installation are provided upon request. We also help training of workers on site.

General Information of Fiberglass Mesh looms:
1. Mesh Ranges: 16x16 mesh, 12x12 mesh, 9x9 mesh, 6x6 mesh, 4x4 mesh, 2.5x2.5 mesh
15x14 mesh, 10x10 mesh, 8x8 mesh, 5x4 mesh, 3x3 mesh, 1x1 mesh and so on
2. Weight/sq.meter ranges: 40g—800g
3. Each roll length: 10m, 20m, 30m, 50m—300m
4. Roll Width: 1m—2.2m
5. Color: White (standard) blue, green, orange, yellow and others.
6. A wide range of specifications and different packaging according to customers' requests.


Auto Feeding Weaving Machine of Fiberglass Mesh for Building Materials:

Major Index:

Electric Motor: 1.5KW FOH-56-6, 2.0KW FOH-58-6, 960rotation/minuts

Max. shaft rotation: 130-200 rotation/minute

Auto Feeding Fiber Yarn Weaving LoomsWeft yarn choice: mechanical control, six color

Weaving shaft coil distance(mm):1380,1860,2060,2366,2566,2866

Weaving shaft coil diameter(mm): 550, 600

Cloth Full Rolling Diameter(mm): 400

Warp Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding

Weft Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding

Outside Dimension of Fiberglass Mesh Machine(mm):

Width:3875, 4180, 4380, 4680, 4880, 5180

Depth: 1857; Height:1640

Weight of the Machine: 1600kg (motor not included)


Square Mesh Fabric Weaving Looms for Window Screening and Netting Fabrics

Fiberglass mesh fabric machine
Fiberglasses square mesh weaving machine produce by our factory adopt the German telchnical weaving molding elements, the capacity of the machine is high, and the quality of the mesh is better. The machine is designed reasonable, it is controlled by computer, engine and electric are integrative, finish pulling wire, rolling mesh, overhand automatically.

The main parameter:
Outside size: Length:2800mm width:1800mm heigth:2200mm
The maximal width of weaving: 2300mm
The maxiaml mesh: 60mesh( there is 60 open aeras each inch)
The maximal diameter of weaving: 2.0mm
The minimal diameter of weaving: 0.02mm
Power: 3KW/set 0.12 KW/set
Output: In theory: 1200m/24 hours
The best for the machine: 800m/24hours
Gross weight: 2.8T
Accessories parts: one set reorganize longitude machine, twine axes machine one set, line hill one set.
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